UI/UX Designer at ZapLabs crafting the CRM experience for the real estate industry. I conduct interviews, run user tests, and gather quantitative data to better design for my users.

In the past 5 years, I've journeyed from traditional graphic design to the modern field of user experience. I'm drawn to helping others and utilizing empathy to create better experiences. Nature 🌿 inspires me most, and I rejuvenate through camping in Desolation Wilderness. Previously I’ve also designed for Stormpath, Marketo, and QuikIO.

Case Studies


UI/UX Designer, ZapLabs

Redesigning Zap's support experience

I led the UX and UI redesign of Zap's support website. Zap is a CRM for real estate agents.

Visual Designer, Stormpath

Updating a legacy web app

I redesigned the UX and UI of a complex SaaS web app. Stormpath is a User Managment API for developers.

Visual Designer, Stormpath

Crafting a visual brand

I redesigned Stormpath's visual brand, website, and marketing material.