About Julie

In fifth grade, I created my first storyboard for my favorite anime series: Sailor Moon. Little did I know that years later, those creative interests would be applied to problem solving, story telling, and designing products to simplify people’s lives.

I've been interested in art and design for as long as I can remember. Like many others, I transitioned into design shortly after graduating and working in an unrelated field. I refer to this period as the "early life crisis" that sent me along a journey of fulfilling my childhood dreams. My only regret is not taking the plunge sooner.

My experience spans across the end-to-end design lifecycle for small and large startups. Nowadays, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity mentoring others, growing a design team, and blogging about my passion. If you're interested in working on projects together or simply want advice becoming a designer, I'd be happy to have a chat.