About Julie

Many moons ago, I majored in economics from UC Berkeley, a far cry from my childhood dreams of becoming a designer. The passion for design never subsided throughout the years; I even attempted to switch majors my senior year in college. Upon graduation, my first job as a marketing coordinator lasted several years until I reached a tipping point - I refer to this period as the "early life crisis" that sent me along my journey of fulfilling those childhood dreams. My only regret is not taking the plunge sooner.

As a self-taught designer, I gained experience through trial and error and a relentless pursuit of more knowledge. That's why my experience spans from startups to large corporations, from graphic design to interaction and user experience. Nowadays, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity mentoring others, growing a design team, and blogging about my passion. If you're interested in working on projects together or simply want advice becoming a designer, I'd be happy to have a chat!