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Stormpath is a user management API for developers. One of my first projects was to redesign their visual brand in collaboration with stakeholders. The result was a redesigned visual identity system that reflects upon Stormpath's brand attributes. As the only designer, I was in charge of building their style guide and designing all marketing assets.


Stormpath web app

There were several goals in mind for updating Stormpath's legacy web app:

•  Efficiency:  Improve upon outdated UX patterns
•  Consistency: Update features to be consistent across platforms (API and UI)
•  Aesthetics: Update design components following new style guide

The initial research phase began with an overall heuristic analysis to note pattern inconsistencies. To help visualize user flow, I mapped out the site architecture and looked for areas of improvement.

To learn how developers were using the web application, we sent out surveys to a group of power users. Gathering user feedback allowed us to validate assumptions on what the key tasks were, and helped prioritize user flows to improve upon. 

Key insights that we gathered from these surveys were:

  • The majority of users performed account-related tasks using the web app.
  • Users found the legacy web app to be limited in functionality

During the ideation phase, I gathered a list of potential areas of improvement. The first step was to update UI componants and patterns to ensure consistency throughout the app. Based on user research, I also identified the accounts page as an area of improvement. To support key tasks, I proposed revamping the global accounts page and introduced a new sidenav that supports more complex functionalities.






Visual brand refresh

When I joined Stormpath, the company lacked a cohesive visual identity. My first major project was to overhaul Stormpath's visual branding system. The redesign process was a collaborative effort involving numerous rounds of revision and feedback from stakeholders. I began with a moodboard, which served as a point of inspiration for capturing brand vision. The end result was a redesigned palette of high contrast colors, updated typography, and custom iconography. In combination, these elements reflect a futuristic, stream-lined theme for the brand.